Electrifying Relationship

Mid Central Electric Tanks

Mid Central tanks going through the powder booth

When All-Color opened its doors 20 years ago, we only had a handful of customers and our color choices were limited.  We now have hundreds of customers, thousands of colors, and are utilizing the latest technology to provide superior powder coating services to our customers.


Powder coated tanks ready for final assembly

All-Color has kept many of its original customers, including Mid Central Electric, Inc. Donald Doyle, owner of Mid Central, started his business of making electric utility equipment in 1966.  In 1974, Donald moved his young company to Oregon, WI where it remains today.  Mid Central is known for making “fixed load” transformers that are used all over the world for customers such as General Electric and Westinghouse.
Prior to doing business with All-Color, Mid Central wet painted all their transformer tanks by hand in a small area in the back of their shop.  Looking to improve the longevity of their products, Mid Central turned to All-Color.  Over the years, All-Color and Mid Central have worked extremely well together to address any challenges.  At one time, some of Mid Central’s customers were noticing rust showing up on some of their transformers.  In order to keep these parts from rusting so quickly, All-Color and Mid Central determined it would be beneficial to add an epoxy primer coat to each tank prior to the traditional utility gray topcoat.  This additional protective layer has extended the life of the transformer units.

Mid Central_0062

Gene Berman performing a final voltage test before the completed unit is shipped

Timing is critical to Mid Central’s assembly process making it important for All-Color to complete the coating as promised. Mid Central bakes the core and coil sub assembly of each unit from 3:30 pm until 4:00 am the following morning to remove all the moisture so the epoxy paper wrapping the core and coil is set.  At this point the cores and coils need to be placed into the tanks.  If the tanks are not ready as promised the Mid Central team may be set back a full day as the process would need to be repeated.  Long term Mid Central employee Gene Berman states, “We can always count on All-Color to have our product ready when we need it.  Working with All-Color’s production team has always yielded positive results.”

It has been a privilege helping Mid Central Electric satisfy their customers for the past 20 years.