Two conveyorized lines and batch systems for large projects
Coating in virtually any color and texture
Certified quality control and equipment


All-Color Powder Coating, Inc. (All-Color) has over 150 years of combined powder coating experience.  We specialize in the process of metal coating. We offer pre-treatment, cleaning and masking.  We offer powder coating for metal substrates including zinc and aluminum die castings.

Powder coating offers customers a multitude of colors and textures to finish products to their exact specifications. All-Color offers special components for projects requiring unique attention such as antimicrobials to combat the growth and migration of bacteria.

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  • "The Management Team at Dane Mfg would like to express our thanks and gratitude on a job well done.   Today is our end of period.  Pleasantly surprised to arrive in early this a.m. to see the stainless steel housings, and components back already.  We realize we just got them to you a couple days ago and the turnaround here was outstanding.  Our customer(s) are happy which makes us happy.  It is great to have vendors who understand manufacturing as it is today and, the quicker we all respond the better.  Great Job, Have a nice weekend.    Please pass along our gratitude and thanks to your entire team."

    Tom Ayers Dane Manufacturing
  • "I am having pizza from Rocky Rocco for 35 people delivered there to your facility tomorrow at 11:30 AM. I will be there to sign the credit card slip. Thanks for all your good service. Look forward to working with you more. Please let me know if any of you would like to see what we are doing with your product for Apple. Jim and I really appreciate what you did for us. NICE JOB !"

    Keith Crane NxGen
  • "I want to thank you for your donation to the Oregon Lacrosse Club with the painting of the nets Jeff from Owen Welding assembled. They really look great!"

    Jon Pflaum OHS Girls LaCrosse Club
  • All-Color adjusted their production schedule to have some parts coated in less than a day for a rush order Franklin Fueling received from a customer.  We received the following note of thanks...

    Thanks for your help on these Michael.  We appreciate all you do for us.

    Dennis Franklin Fueling
  • "I just wanted to thank you for doing my railings.  They look great and your guys did a great job on them.  I put them up the same night I brought them home."

    Tom Michel
  • "Mike Edlinger installed our railings and they look great! Thanks for the great powder coating job."

    Peter Gray
  • "You are doing a grand job. Thank you, for all your help.  You are an excellent vendor whom we can rely on at all times. Thank you, for making us a success."

    Gloria Hilldenbrandt Apache Stainless