Powder coating, the alternative to wet spray painting, is widely known as the environmentally friendly way to paint.  The process of powder coating contains no solvents, therefore creates negligible, if any, VOC emissions which helps combat air pollution.

Powder is not considered hazardous waste unlike other forms of coating such as liquid paint coatings. The process of powder coating eliminates toxic sludge and water that contaminates the earth.  Powder coating creates little in the form of material waste.  Powder coating is a recognized finish by the LEEDS program.


All-Color utilizes energy efficient equipment and environmentally friendly processes whenever possible. 

We have partnered with local organizations to implement efficiency measures to reduce our environmental footprint as a business. Alliant Energy featured All-Color in its 2011 ‘Power Thinker Calendar’ for our practices in energy efficiency.

Our entire facility was designed with sustainability in mind. All equipment was built with premium efficiency motors. Our SuperCube powder booths use 90% of powder material which eliminates waste from going into a landfill.  Up to 98% of the powder over-spray is collected and reclaimed for future use creating a more efficient and economical coating process.We implemented counter flowing wash water to reduce the our water use and limit the water treated at the treatment plant. Our cure ovens are equipped with highly efficient infra-red burners allowing the powder to fully cure at a lower temperature.  This improvement has resulted in a reduction of our natural gas usage. The design of the burners also does a better job protecting the ceramic block that radiates the infra-red waves which should result in a longer burner life.

Our warehouse lighting is retrofitted with the latest fluorescent technology to save electricity. We continue to update our lighting to LED lights. LED lights have an average life of 100,000 hours, generate no heat and use much less energy than traditional bulbs.  The up-front costs are slightly higher, but over the long run All-Color will see a reduction in our carbon footprint as well as our energy costs by making these improvements.

All-Color’s exterior office area received a makeover in 2016 with new siding, windows and landscaping. Motion-sensitive office lighting helps to decrease our electricity use. Updates will decrease our energy use and promote proper flow of rainwater. Our staff continue to reuse printer paper whenever possible. We recently purchased two smart TV’s to more easily convey agendas and announcements without the need to print materials. Employees are now offered the option to receive benefit information and updates electronically to further reduce printing.

We continue to find ways to use sustainable practices throughout our organization.