• An All-Color employee found some drag bar parts that didn't look right and notified Brian about it before they were coated.  Brian had this to say, "Jenkins is going to pick up the parts.  Thank you for catching that.  Saved me time and Jeff money.  That's one of the reasons we like working with you guys!

    Brian Myrland Beacon Athletics
  • Thank you to everyone involved in the Rockwell Automation project.  I understand that we received seven new parts back from All-Color today and through hard work in QC the PPAP paperwork is going to be submitted to Rockwell this afternoon.  Good job, Everyone. Everyone from Engineering, Production, and Quality Control at Wisco, as well as everyone at All-Color, has stepped up to make this run smoothly.  With everyone working together Wisco is doing its best for Rockwell and, hopefully, that means more work in the future.

    Dave Alsmo Vice President/General Manager at WISCO Industries, Inc.
  • Roger and the entire team all All-Color, from the owner on down, made it seem like my (fairly small) project was the only thing in the shop.  From my tight timeline, to the unusual color match they had to manage, to accommodating my end-client's difficult approval process, they brought the entire run off without a snag, hitch, or hiccup.  Means of Production is proud of delivering seamless outcomes, and All-Color made us look like we can do the impossible!

    Kingsley at Means of Production, Inc.
  • "We have received the 3 skids back from All-Color, I haven’t had parts inspected yet, but look good at first glance.  I would like to thank Kean and the complete All-Color group for an absolutely fantastic turn around on these parts.   It will help us out tremendously."

    Jeff Simonson Production Manager at Walker Barrier Systems
  • "Thanks Mark, for the great job done on painting my chair frames. They look Great! I am so pleased...."

    Lora Hartmann
  • "I love the color. Thanks so much for giving my patio furniture a new life."

    Watson Patio Furniture - Before Watson Patio Furniture - After

    Claudia Yoakum-Watson
  • Some parts used for small scale farming of hops for brewery's was requested by DesignWerks Company that required a very fast turnaround.  Here's the feedback we received...

    Parts arrived safe and look excellent. I really appreciate you expediting this order as well.

    Adam Schloesser DesignWerks Company
  • "I just want to thank you for having a great staff. They did me a favor today and I very much appreciate it.  They are great to work with. Their work ethic, honesty and performance is why I am loyal to All Color…..Thank you for your efforts."

    Allen Stowers VP Sales & Estimating / JG Innovations, Inc.
  • "I am having pizza from Rocky Rocco for 35 people delivered there to your facility tomorrow at 11:30 AM. I will be there to sign the credit card slip. Thanks for all your good service. Look forward to working with you more. Please let me know if any of you would like to see what we are doing with your product for Apple. Jim and I really appreciate what you did for us. NICE JOB !"

    Keith Crane NxGen
  • "I want to thank you for your donation to the Oregon Lacrosse Club with the painting of the nets Jeff from Owen Welding assembled. They really look great!"

    Jon Pflaum OHS Girls LaCrosse Club
  • All-Color adjusted their production schedule to have some parts coated in less than a day for a rush order Franklin Fueling received from a customer.  We received the following note of thanks...

    Thanks for your help on these Michael.  We appreciate all you do for us.

    Dennis Franklin Fueling
  • Debbie Elmer designed an exterior optometry sign that she was interested in powder coating.  All-Color was not able to powder coat the sign due to production limitations. However, Debbie had this to say about working with our staff...

    Again, thank you so much for the time and thought you put into responding to our request.  Your thoughtfulness and professionalism is very much appreciated.  It is unfortunate that this project doesn't fit within your production limits.  Perhaps there will be other projects down the road - and I will be sure to include you very early in the process to ensure the best outcome.

    Debbie Elmer Elmer Studios
  • "We are very pleased with the lawn furniture painted by you.  Looks great!"

    Patio Furniture Testimonial Version

    Ken and Ginny Yuska
  • "I just want to say a big thank you in particular with the rush job on PO 46516.  The paint turned out great once again, but it was your quick turn and delivery that really helped us push this job through.  This job was a big undertaking for us.  Not just in physical size, but in the limited window we had to get this built before Christmas.  I don’t think I could have received a better job or service from another painter than what you guys were able to do for us.  Please share my praise and thanks with all your team." 3A Composites

    Ryan Kiefer AccuWeb//BST North America Inc
  • "Thank you guys for the meeting on Monday with Inpro as well.  It was great for me to finally have my own eyes on your operation – I thought highly of your work before seeing it and that was confirmed with my own eyes on Monday.  It reflected very well on both you guys as well as Dane with Inpro there on Monday, for which I’m thrilled; I always want to partner with strong players in their respective industry.  Thanks for the support and great efforts you put forward on your work with us."

    Mike Lisle President, Dane Manufacturing
  • "I know I have not been on any of these conversations but I want to thank you and your people for ALL that you do for us down there.  I hope to still get down there sometime and take you up on your invite and for you to get here as well.  I know we're all under the gun but there’s truly no better place to be as we all know the alternative to that! Again thanks for your exceptional quality as well."

    Dan Hewuse Quality Manager/Safety Coordinator, Triple R Industries
  • We have the poles and they look good. You guys did a nice job packaging and protecting them as well. Your driver Jeff was also very helpful. Thanks for the speedy service, your piece of my project will make my customer happy.  Please share this with the appropriate folks at your place.

    Scott Milligan President of Guenther Electric
  • We received the shipment today. I wanted to thank you for your quick turnaround and also let you know that from what I've seen, these look great!  The hanging marks are virtually invisible and certainly won't be seen after assembly.  THIS is what we like to see!  Thanks again for all the hard work and quick turnaround.  However you did it this time works great.

    Wayne Reed Production Manager at JK Audio, Inc.
  • "The last shipment came in beautiful! Thanks for getting it out so fast. It’s a pleasure working with All Color!"

    Tim Capozzi RSTC Enterprises
  • "We got the part and it looks O.K. We will still need to do some internal comparisons on our different process options. That process should take another week or so before we can make a go / no go decision on the Powder Coat. Thanks for the quick turn around. All-Color did a fantastic job."

    Paul Larson Wagner Electric
  • "Huge thank you to all that helped have our RP ready this morning. O&A driver is on the way. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!"

    Pam Zettle O & A Manufacturing
  • "I wanted to thank you again for getting these 2 items done so quickly this morning.  The timing is just about perfect as the lines were just about out of these. Your efforts are very much appreciated!"

    Marilyn Kober Thermastor
  • Mike Flora had this to say about our past service with him:

    (I) wanted to let you know that we are really happy with the quality of the work and customer service that you have provided to us.

    Mike Flora Lead Painter, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
  • "Many times it seems like "you" know better than "us" as to when parts are needed by our customer. PO 95628 for Satin/Matte black had a due date of 4/12. Our customer called and was adament that he needed parts in house tomorrow. When we called to ask for an expedite - to our lovely surprise - we were told that the parts were already done and just waiting on the dock for us to pick up. We just want to say THANK YOU !! for the great service. Please pass the word to ALL - we really do appreciate everything that you do for us !"

    Sandy Harried Wisco Industries
  • "I understand that you are going to get these kickplates painted today. It seems like we are starting to run late on everything lately and then the rush gets pushed on to you. Sorry about that. But, thanks so much for your help. You are always so easy to work with and I always appreciate your help."

    Lu Burmeister Wisco Industries
  • "All looks good!  We think the parts look great!  Just a couple speed bumps that we expected to have.  Thanks for getting them done so soon.  Half of the parts are going out the door tomorrow. Thanks again."

    Tim Capozzi RSTC Enterprises in Eau Claire, WI
  • "I just wanted to thank you for doing my railings.  They look great and your guys did a great job on them.  I put them up the same night I brought them home."

    Tom Michel
  • "Thanks Danni, I wish all suppliers were as easy to work with as you fine folks in Oregon."

    Tom Ayers Dane Manufacturing
  • "Mike Edlinger installed our railings and they look great! Thanks for the great powder coating job."

    Peter Gray
  • Unnamed image

    Aldo Leopold Center Board of Directors
  • "You are doing a grand job. Thank you, for all your help.  You are an excellent vendor whom we can rely on at all times. Thank you, for making us a success."

    Gloria Hilldenbrandt Apache Stainless
  • "The Management Team at Dane Mfg would like to express our thanks and gratitude on a job well done.   Today is our end of period.  Pleasantly surprised to arrive in early this a.m. to see the stainless steel housings, and components back already.  We realize we just got them to you a couple days ago and the turnaround here was outstanding.  Our customer(s) are happy which makes us happy.  It is great to have vendors who understand manufacturing as it is today and, the quicker we all respond the better.  Great Job, Have a nice weekend.    Please pass along our gratitude and thanks to your entire team."

    Tom Ayers Dane Manufacturing
  • "Just wanted to thank you for your help in powder coating our Brown Jordan chairs.  We got them back last week from the upholstery shop that redid the vinyl strapping. They look great, just like new!  The color also matches well with our new Brown Jordan set." Brown Jordan Patio Furniture Set

    Mary Lawson
  • "Hello---I picked up our Summer Classics metal deck furniture yesterday afternoon and all went well. The finished product is awesome! As I told Kean, your powder coating finish looks better now than when our furniture was new 17 years ago. Please thank everyone on the line for their outstanding quality of work; plus the table and chairs were expertly wrapped. Kean figured out a way to load the pallet on to my little Toyota Tacoma without tearing everything apart. It was a slow drive, but I made it home without scratches on the furniture or my truck. Thanks again. We will be back next year with two more chairs."  

    Terri B Walk In Customer