• "An All-Color employee found some drag bar parts that didn't look right and notified the customer about it before they were coated.  Brian had this to say, "Thank you for catching that.  Saved [us] time and money.  That's one of the reasons we like working with you guys!"

    Brian Myrland Beacon Athletics
  • "I just want to say a big thank you with the rush job.  The paint turned out great once again, but it was your quick turn around and delivery that really helped us push this job through.  This job was a big undertaking for us.  Not just in physical size, but in the limited [time frame] we had to get this built.  I don’t think I could have received a better job or service from another powder coater than what you guys were able to do for us.  Please share my praise and thanks with all your team." 3A Composites

    Ryan Kiefer AccuWeb//BST North America Inc
  • "It was great for me to finally [see] your operation – I thought highly of your work before seeing it and that was confirmed with my own eyes.  I always want to partner with strong players in their respective industry.  Thanks for the support and great efforts you put forward on your work with us."

    Mike Lisle President, Dane Manufacturing
  • "I just want to give you a shout out and huge thank you for helping me with my project.  I realize you have a relationship with Guy and he introduced us but I feel you went above and beyond to help me work my way out of a corner. I received my grates in a timeline that could not be improved upon. For this I will always be grateful (pun intended 😊).  Please make Mark aware of the excellence of his team!"

    Chuck Jackson Handy Art President
  • "I wanted to reach out and thank you for an amazing job on the railings that we sent. They look great, they are exactly what we have been hoping for (for a few years) and the quality of work is amazing, the turn around was exceptional, and everyone here is really happy with how they look."

    Jono de Leon Overture Center Technical Director
  • "Many times it seems like "you" know better than "us" as to when parts are needed by our customer.  Our customer called and was adament that they needed parts in house tomorrow. When we called to ask for an expedite - to our lovely surprise - we were told that the parts were already done and just waiting on the dock for us to pick up. We just want to say THANK YOU!! for the great service. Please pass the word to ALL - we really do appreciate everything that you do for us !"

    Sandy Harried Wisco Industries
  • "I wanted to thank you for your quick turnaround and also let you know that from what I've seen, the hanging marks are virtually invisible and certainly won't be seen after assembly.  THIS is what we like to see!  Thanks again for all the hard work and quick turnaround."

    Wayne Reed Production Manager at JK Audio, Inc.
  • "I just want to thank you for having a great staff. They did me a favor today and I very much appreciate it.  They are great to work with. Their work ethic, honesty and performance is why I am loyal to All Color…..Thank you for your efforts."

    Allen Stowers VP Sales & Estimating / JG Innovations, Inc.
  • "Your group completely exceeded my expectations.  It was done correctly, no back and forth issues, orange finish was perfect and done two weeks early.  Not sure who gets credit for this, but tell them thank you.  Looking forward to working with you again."

    John Goetzka