Partnering with Primrose

Prima Apartments in Fitchburg, WI

Many modernized apartment complexes, residential homes, and commercial buildings have erupted in Southern Wisconsin. One thing you will notice about these buildings is their eye-catching balconies and railings. All-Color is proud to be part of the growing economy by providing powder coating services for one of the predominant suppliers of balconies and railings, Primrose Custom Designs.

Right down the road in Mount Horeb, WI, Primrose specializes in aluminum railings as well as general metal fabrication and welding. Primrose also installs many of the railings they manufacture. Owners Weed Canfield and Dan Dahlk have been familiar faces around All-Color’s shop for over 14 years.

All-Color’s wide variety of stock colors has always been valuable to Primrose. Even more valuable is the ability to provide custom color matching, a service that Primrose has consistently utilized over the years. Many times, the owners or architects on these projects have a certain look they are trying to achieve. Having such a large selection of available colors and finishes makes it easy for Primrose to satisfy their customers.

Primrose railings being powder coated

A few years ago, Primrose’s orders increased so dramatically that All-Color found it challenging to meet the short deadlines. Many railings were odd shaped and oversized, which meant they would only fit on our batch line. Working together, Primrose and All-Color modified the design of many of these railings allowing them to run on the conveyer line. The resign involves making them straight sections, less than 10 feet long, with drainage holes for trouble free washing. Since the railings are now similar in appearance, the individual sections need to be labeled to identify them during installation. All-Color now masks the location code on each railing for easy reading and sorting on-site, further simplifying the installation process. Running the railing sections on the conveyor line increases efficiency resulting in a more consistent finish, decreased material handling, decreased powder usage, and ultimately a reduction in cost to Primrose.

Good things happen when everyone works together. Weed at Primrose indicated, “It has been a pleasure working with All-Color. Their willingness to provide us with suggestions to improve our railings and reduce overall cost is immeasurable. The changes we have made allow us to meet the demand in this booming building environment”. All-Color is proud to have been part of Primrose’s growth over the years and looks forward to working with Weed and Dan for years to come.