UW-Madison Camp Randall Goal Posts

All-Color Powder Coating, Inc. got the call this spring to coat the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s goal posts for the upcoming Badger football season at Camp Randall Stadium.  The shop was buzzing with excitement when JP Cullen dropped off the humongous pieces at the loading dock!  The goal posts had to be disassembled so we could get them in our batch booth and oven.  Our expert powder coater, Ryan Warp, was tasked with coating these bad boys and to say he was a bit nervous was an understatement.  He was up for the challenge and did an amazing job coating them a bright yellow.  We can’t wait to see them up on game day!  

Please enjoy this video clip of the coating process the goal posts when through that Garrett Kimble, our Production Control Manager, put together. 

Thanks to the UW for allowing us to be a part of Camp Randall history!