In Business & Finishing News – Prisoners to Professionals

All-Color Powder Coating, Inc. is one of the employers in Dane County that rely on former inmates to staff and lead our workforce.  We work with the Oregon Correctional Center, a minimum security prison located in our own backyard that has a work-release program to help qualified inmates transition back into a working environment.  We’ve been involved with the program for over fifteen years now and have some great success stories.  Our inmates are treated like any other person looking for employment.  We provide technical training so they can do the job to the best of their ability but we also try to create an inclusive family environment that makes everyone feel valued.  We can’t be successful if our employees aren’t successful.   Many of our work-release participants have commented on how welcome and valued they feel and they look forward to coming to work every day.  These individuals help send a positive message across the shop floor and we appreciate their contributions.  Frank Van Wormer came to us from the Center and now leads our second shift team.  Sidney Perry is one of our most recent hires from the Center and is now leading our powder room.  And, we just hired on Gilbert Delarosa and he is working on our batch line.  We are proud of how far all of these gentlemen have come and try to help however we can so they continue to be successful on their life journey.  You can read a little more about their experiences by clicking on the In Business article here, written by Joe Vanden Plas, Editorial Director.  Finishing & Coating News also carried this story and you can read about it by clicking on the Finishing news article here, carried by Tim Pennington, Editor