Postville Blacksmith Shop Custom Metal Accents

Recently, All-Color partnered with Postville Blacksmith Shop on a unique project. The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governors Club enlisted Postville Blacksmith Shop to design iron and wood highlights for their recently modernized Governors Club. As an upgraded option for guests, the Governors Club is a common room for breakfast, evening beverages as well as lounging with a spectacular view of the State Capital building. Postville Blacksmith Shop created custom decorative metal accent pieces adding to the urban-modern atmosphere of the versatile space.

Postville Blacksmith Shop reached out to All-Color to finalize their project with a polished-look that powder coating provides. You can see the end results in the following photos, or in person downtown at the Madison Concourse Hotel. The crisp lines of the geometric metal accents provide natural focal points above the buffet and bar. Once again, we helped beautify a part of the Madison area in a surprising way.