Salvation Army Kettle Stands

All-Color is a proud supporter of The Salvation Army of Dane County. In working with The Salvation Army, they expressed a need to refurbish their red kettle stands. Once The Salvation Army had them sandblasted to remove the previous layers of paint, we refinished them with a coat of red powder. Stephen Heck, the Development Director of the organization said, “Your generous donation of powder coating our 87 red kettle stands has not only improved the look of our stands, but will extend the amount of time we will be able to use them.” Dane County now has plenty of like-new kettle stands. One of the refinished kettle stands is located outside of a local grocery store. That is where local Marine Veteran, Ward can often be found volunteering for The Salvation Army and their latest campaign. He is proud to give back to the community and so is All-Color.