2022 Oregon Fire & EMS Bowling Fund Raiser

The 2022 Oregon Fire and EMS Bowling Fund Raiser was held at the Oregon Bowl on February 5th.  All-Color’s representatives included Dan Anderson, Edgar Castro, Andrea Geitt, Dina Geitt, Denise Nelson, Brady Reilly, Gregor Swenson, Maria Tapia and Ryan Warp.  Mark and Ruth Mortensen and Kean Macaulay showed up for moral support. 

Dan and Dina were team captains and started some friendly competition between the teams.  Dan’s team pulled out the big win and Denise Nelson was the MVP!  Ryan Warp was a winner in a meat raffle and took home some juicy steaks and baked potatoes for dinner as well.  A big thanks to these folks for representing All-Color in supporting the Oregon community!