Sunburst Chairs Return to Union Terrace

All-Color is the premier powder coater of the Wisconsin Memorial Union sunburst chairs and tables and had the honor of delivering some freshly coated ones in preparation for the return of the terrace season.  Our president, Mark Mortensen, graduated from UW-Madison and is happy to be part of the behind-the scenes aspects of bringing the terrace chairs and tables out of winter storage.  All winter long, the chairs and tables will come in from Wisco Industries, Inc. so we get a taste of spring throughout the winter months!  All-Color looks forward to their yearly trek up to the Terrace to deliver the popular chairs and tables in preparation for their spring debut. 

Please see the photos from the Wisconsin State Journal web site highlighting all the volunteers that bring the chairs onto the Terrace signifying the official beginning of spring in Madison!

Barry Adams from the Wisconsin State Journal also wrote an article about the return of the sunburst chairs to the Terrace which you can read here:  Winter is Officially Over!

If you’re interested in learning the history of how the colors of the chairs were picked, WKOW (Channel 27), did a feature story on how the sunburst chairs came to be.