On March 1st, 2019 Edgar Castro was recognized for his 5 years of service with All-Color.

Edgar started his employment with All-Color already familiar with the company. His brother started with us one year prior. Edgar joined ‘line 2’ as a production associate learning how to hang, pack and powder coat parts. Edgar has been able to help out on the line and even by translating information as he is bilingual. When congratulating Edgar on reaching this milestone, Mark presented a challenge, “for Edgar to take on more responsibility and to become more confident in his role.” 

To commemorate this achievement, Edgar received a 5-year Anniversary Pin, monetary gift, his choice of specialty pizza and cake. Edgar requested a ‘chocolate lava cake’, but in the end was very happy with his chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Keeping the celebration going, Edgar was able to take home the remainder of his chocolate cake. We hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with you as our employee, Edgar.