Employee Development at All-Color

All-Color is proud to have many dedicated employees. One of our goals is to provide advancement opportunities by offering various programs that help employees develop their skills.

All-Color partnered with The Literacy Network in Madison to provide instruction to employees on English as a second language. Classes were held two times per week right here at All-Color at no cost to the employee. One student said, “I did not speak any English when I started working at All-Color thirteen years ago”. Adrian “Sergio” Sanchez now speaks very good English and has worked his way up to become the first shift Production Supervisor. Many of the “students” speak minimal English and are excited to be learning more about grammar, reading and writing. Since they started class it has become obvious that their use of the English language and confidence in speaking to others has improved.

All-Color is pleased to offer programs to employees allowing them to develop their skills and enrich their work experience. These experiences not only benefit All-Color, but also aid the employees outside of work. As All-Color continues to grow, we hope to increase these special opportunities for our employees.