Brewers vs Angels 2023

Brought back by popular demand, All-Color hosted another outing at American Family Field to watch the Brewers take on the Angels.  As we pulled up in the bus, the famous Racing Sausages were wandering around the parking lot.  One of our employees jumped off the bus, chased them down and brought them back over for group pictures.  Come to find out, the sausages have names.  Brett, the bratwurst, is identified by his lederhosen. Stosh, the Polish sausage, sports dark glasses and a rugby shirt. The one with the mustache and the chef’s outfit is Guido, the Italian sausage. Frankie Furter, the hot dog, wears a baseball uniform. And, Cinco the chorizo dons a sombrero.  This year we were located at the Barrel Yard out in left field where we enjoyed a wonderful buffet and beverages during the game.  One of our employees got a baseball and another had Devin Williams, closer for the Brewers, wave to them from the bull pen.  The Brewers pulled out a tight 2 – 1 win!  It was an even more memorable experience this time around!